Funds for one family member to be with their athlete if an extended hospital stay is required to cover flight, hotel and per diem, based on demonstrated financial need. Depending upon the balance in the account a reasonable spending cap will be maintained.
Create a catastrophic injury handbook that details where the best care is located for specific injuries and a step by step for families on what to expect, questions to ask, glossary of terms, etc. (Assisted by Chris and Dana Reeve Foundation)
Provide grants for rehabilitation equipment and care at specialty facilities and in home. ARF does not want any athlete to sacrifice treatment because their insurance will not cover it. Our purpose is to grant or assist in paying for treatment and rehabilitation after a major injury.
Offer educational scholarship grants.
Accomplish various levels of "Group Policy" insurance grants like medical, long term disability and catastrophic injury benefits.
Provide grants to leading researchers in the Spinal Cord Injury / Paralysis Field.