Athlete Recovery Fund helps pro’s get insured

Temecula, CA �?The Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF) is a nonprofit, established in 2008 to help professionals in BMX, Skate and FMX with the costs that insurance doesn’t cover. In the past three years the ARF has granted nearly $700,000 to service providers like Orthopedic Surgeons, Surgery Centers, Physical Therapy, Ambulance, Med Jet and other specialty groups that help pro’s get back to their sport.

Unlike professional ball and stick sports athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB, Action Sports do not have team doctors, players associations, unions and retirement funds. ARF is here to support pro’s in action sports and one way we have progressed that support over the past three years is assisting them in getting insurance.

Dozens of pro’s now have coverage thanks to the support of ARF and our insurance professionals. In some cases they were told that they were uninsurable or just felt they couldn’t afford it. Companies have even found affordable solutions to insuring 1099 riders under their group insurance policies thanks to the effort of ARF.

A recent real life success story had a profound effect on a young professional and we cannot say enough the importance of medical insurance and that ARF is NOT a replacement for insurance. It was a story we hear all too often where a top rider was uninsured. He came to ARF uninsured and in need of help. Through ARF efforts a short term policy was found that cost $95 a month. As with any insurance policy there is a waiting period for coverage to begin.

During a competition shortly after applying for the insurance an freak injury occurred. An ambulance ride, surgery, doctors and more rose to over $50,000 dollars in costs that would have been the burden of that pro or his family for a long time to come. Luckily the policy that ARF helped write the athlete became insured just six hours before the injury occurred.

Besides the minimal $95 dollars a month the amount owed by the athlete came to approximately $2,500 in deductibles and standards percentages paid by an insured person, saving him and his family some $47,500.

Insurance is critical in Action Sports, as it is in any sport. If you are a professional in BMX, Skate or FMX and you pay more than $250 a month you should contact us to help review your coverage and make sure you are not over paying. If you are reading this and you are uninsured you should contact us immediately. As you can see hours of coverage can save you tens of thousands of dollars. The average cost of insurance for our demographic should range from $100-$150 a month for great coverage.

This is one way ARF helps. Support the ARF as we continue to assist professionals in need. - -

Mission Statement:

To provide professional athletes in BMX, FMX and Skateboarding with financial support after a severe injury and granting funds for rehabilitation, equipment, long-term disability and educational scholarships.

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