Temecula, CA 1/10/12 - The Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF) began over three years ago with the mission to assist professionals in BMX, Skate and FMX with financial support with the costs that insurance does not cover after a severe injury.

In that time we have learned a ton of information that had to be experienced not taught. Medjet is a membership program that arranges “hospital of choice” medical evacuation and repatriation during personal and business travel – both domestically and abroad. There are zero restrictions for professional athletes and adventure-related activities – likewise no costs to a member for Medjet services in time of need. As athletes travel all over the world for competition and demos ending up in a hospital that doesn’t live up to the care they expect at home can be a terrifying issue.

Due to the support we have received from athletes in BMX, Skateboarding and Freestyle Motocross, as well as event organizers and brands in action sports we are beginning the process of expanding into coverage for other sports.

ARF is offering an opportunity to professionals in Ski, Snowboard, Surfing, and MMA for a discounted membership to Medjet. A basic application needs to be filled out at and the applicant will receive the ARF approved group rate of $175 per individual for 365 days of coverage. The benefits include domestic and international medical transfer, translation services, transport of a non/injured family member or business associate with member, commercial and private transport options, legal referrals and much more. Average domestic transportation without Medjet can be in excess of $25,000 with international costs being over $100,000!

Continued support is crucial as athletes are much better off now than when we started but we have much to overcome still. While financial support is not yet available for these outside sports ARF hopes that this will create some awareness and support allowing us to expand our assistance.

If you are a professional Ski, Snowboard, Surf or MMA athlete visit today and click the link for Medjet Membership.

Athlete Recovery Fund Mission Statement: To provide professional athletes in BMX, FMX and Skateboarding with financial support after a severe injury and granting funds for rehabilitation, equipment, long-term disability and educational scholarships.                        
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