Athlete Recovery Fund provides charitable medical and educational assistance to professional athletes who participate in Freestyle BMX (Dirt Jumping, Street, Park, Vert, Big Air, Flatland), FMX (Big Air, Step Up, Freestyle, Speed and Style) and Skate (Street, Park, Vert, Big Air).

"Professional" status is achieved in the eyes of ARF once a company licenses an athlete's likeness to market or sell their product in return for monetary compensation.

Example: An athlete who has a sponsorship and receives any money from that sponsor in a calendar year. Product sponsorships or "flow deals" do not qualify. The sponsor must pay the athlete actual money.

Ultimately every grant provided must be approved by the board.

Other restrictions may include but are not limited to Emergency Medical Assistance regardless of financial need and long term medical and educational assistance based strictly on financial need.
Stephen Murray
Aaron Cooke immediately began assisting Stephen in fund raising and all things relating to monies after his Spinal Cord Injury in Baltimore MD June 2006. Aaron Cooke created web sites for donations, opened a Pay Pal and bank account to manage the funds and worked closely with family and potential donators to learn what the immediate and long term needs would be. Through this regrettable experience Aaron has learned what is needed in the case of a catastrophic injury and has also learned the areas where insurance companies fall short when support is needed. Aaron has spent countless hours working on merchandising goods and creating job opportunities for future income for Stephen Murray. learn what the immediate and long term needs would be.

From all this experience Aaron Cooke has begun the Athlete Recovery Fund and strives for success to honor Stephen Murray and capitalize on the awareness that his situation created so that when another injury like his happens the Action Sports Community will be prepared rather than react.

ARF considers Stephen Murray a key asset and spokesperson for our mission.
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