Caleb Moore, Rest In Peace

On behalf of the Moore family:

This morning Caleb Moore passed away. He will be truly missed and never forgotten.

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ARF Video Exposes Certified versus Non Certified Helmets in BMX

Behind-the-scenes look at helmet testing reveals that certified bicycle helmets can be the difference between life and death
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Toyota donates Drew Bezanson’s bike to ARF

Just before the Toyota City Championship round of the Dew Tour, pro BMX rider Drew Bezanson’s fans had a chance to choose the customized bike design they wanted to see him ride at the event. Toyota, DK bicycles and Drew have just donated the exact bike that was ridden at BMX Dirt and Streetstyle events to the Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF)!
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Stephen Murray to attend Kennedy-Krieger Working 2 Walk Event

BMX Gold Medalist Stephen Murray will be meeting with counselors, doctors and persons with spinal cord injuries at the 7th annual ‘Working 2 Walk�?event in Irvine, CA on Nov. 1 to raise awareness about SCI and emerging treatment options.
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Support Brett "Mad Dog" Banasiewicz at the Recon Tour Finals Oct 6th

A fundraiser will be hosted at the final round of the Recon Tour on October 6th at the Krause Family Skatepark / Mission Valley YMCA. Competitors and attendees can purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win one of two complete MirraCo bikes, and prizes from Monster Energy, Hookit, SPY, Pant Saggin Designz, Bell Helmets and more. Come out and support Brett and his recovery.
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Official Brett Banasiewicz Update # 2

21 days later Brett has made small but positive improvements showing movement on both sides of his body while responding to some basic commands. Brett is now clear of steroids and sedation medications and as of yesterday his feeding tube was removed which has offered him a lot more comfort. Pending a swallow test Brett may be able to keep the feeding tube out going forward. Due to damages suffered to his vocal cords during the emergency intubation on site and the feeding tube, he is not yet able to speak. There have been some signs of infection but Brett has responded well to antibiotics and the feeding tube has been repositioned to his stomach.
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Official Statement On Brett Banasiewicz

08/24/12 Temecula, CA - Just a few short days after winning the Dew Cup in Ocean City, MD for BMX Park Brett Banasiewicz suffered an accident at the following Vans Invitational in Virginia Beach. The following is a statement made today from his father who is with him now.
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ARF is offering an opportunity to professionals in Ski, Snowboard, Surfing, and MMA for a discounted membership to Medjet.
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Athlete Recovery Fund offers MedJet membership

ARF is offering an opportunity to 100 pro’s in BMX, Skate and FMX a free one year membership to International Med Jet service.
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Athlete Recovery Fund helps pro’s get insured

Temecula, CA �?The Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF) is a nonprofit, established in 2008 to help professionals in BMX, Skate and FMX with the costs that insurance doesn’t cover. In the past three years the ARF has granted nearly $700,000 to service providers like Orthopedic Surgeons, Surgery Centers, Physical Therapy, Ambulance, Med Jet and other specialty groups that help pro’s get back to their sport.

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Mike Metzger Injury Press Release

Temecula, CA 7/18/11 �?Official Press Release - On Saturday July 16th while riding at his home training facility, Freestyle Motocross professional Mike Metzger known worldwide as the "Godfather of Freestyle Motocross" suffered a crash. Mike was transferred to a trauma care facility and in now in excellent care.

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Greg Hartman injury update

A message from Carly Hartman: "Just four short days ago I arrived home from Shanghai, finally bringing Greg home after his 3 week hospital stay. I have to admit, it still feels fairly surreal. Given the fact that he went straight from an ICU hospital room to a 17 hour trip home, Greg traveled extremely well and tolerated the flight much better than I would have thought. Thanks to Athlete Recovery Fund, my dad was able to come to China, and the three of us were able to travel home together."

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Greg Hartman injured at Asian X Games FMX Demo

Professional FMX rider Greg Hartman just suffered a fall in China during practice for a demo at the currently running Asian X Games. Thankfully, ESPN and the X Games are the best in the business when it comes to caring for injured athletes so even though he is thousands of miles from home he is in great hands.

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Spring 2011 Update

Click here to check out our Spring 2011 Update.

Athlete Recovery Fund assists injured skateboarders

Temecula CA - Jan. 25, 2011 �?The Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF) was established after BMX Rider Stephen Murray was severely injured. From day one ARF included skateboarders and FMX riders in it’s mission statement.

While skateboarders don’t seem to have the level of severe injury that the other sports share there is still a need for our support. Working with guys like Mike Franklin, Devine Calloway, Danny Mayer and Adam Taylor ARF not only assists with severe injuries but when an athlete can justify a financial need we also assist with surgeries and therapies to help them get back on the board sooner.

ARF is a source of information and an opportunity for pro skaters to get the facts on insurance, surgery and therapy. We thank all the industry support we have received in the past and hope more pro skateboarders learn about ARF and what we do.

Check out this recent video from a therapy visit with Adam Taylor as ARF helps him recover from his traumatic brain injury received at the Las Vegas Dew Tour Championships. We are stoked to help Adam get back on his board full time and really excited to see his progress. Expect him back on the vert ramp very soon!

ARF working hard to get Mike Franklin back on a skate board

As you most likely know, Mike Franklin was in a grizzly motorcycle accident about six months ago that left him in a coma with a shattered ankle, broken leg, shoulder, and neck. The doctor’s were 90-percent sure they’d have to amputate his leg, ending his skating career. In an incredible twist of fate, one of the doctors found out Mike was an amateur skater, implemented a decades�?old muscle flap procedure, and not only saved Mike’s leg, but made it possible for him to walk and skate very soon. We just caught up with Mike on the phone today to get the latest update on his health, his desire to return to the board, and an inspirational phone call from one John Cardiel. Check out some of Mike’s most recent footage before the accident, then read on.

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Summer 2010 Update

ARF has been soo busy lately that I've hardly had time to catch my breath. Much less write an update. Good news is that we are still growing and we have continued to assist professionals in BMX, FMX and Skate on a steady basis. FUEL TV has been showing us tons of love over the past two months. ARF has been popping up on "Daily Habit" and "Weekly Update" on the regular. Visit our brand new video page to see some of the clips.

Stephen Murray continues to benefit from his custom built Sprinter Van. His therapy continues to progress as he got in the pool for the first time ever since his injury to try and loosen up some muscles. The beauty of the van is that it gives him confidence and freedom to not only do therapy but also to have fun trips with his family as they recently went out to Las Vegas and paid a visit to TJ Lavin and some family. Special thanks again to Rockstar Energy Drink for being the only energy drink company to step up and support ARF and for being the main reason why the van project got started. Stephen's first ride for Rockstar was the night he got injured and they have never left his side since.

Mike Franklin is a pro skateboarder who suffered a gnarly accident, getting hit by a car while riding on a street motorcycle. He is very lucky to have not lost his foot to amputation and just recently he got the green light to start some low impact therapy. Mike simply said, "I can't wait to get back on my board! Once I get back it's over! I am tired of staring out the window at the same trees every day. I can't thank the ARF enough for wanting to help me get back out there." Mike is a cool dude who was instrumental in getting a public park put in at his local spot in Santa Clarita. It's been a pleasure meeting him and his family. I personally can't wait to see him back on the board.

Just recently ARF was invited to participate in Ryan Sheckler's "Skate for a Cause" which greatly benefitted the Make a Wish Foundation. ARF had a booth, banners around the Etnies park course and we even had a fun game in our booth. The goal for the booths was to have a skate themed carnival game and we built a cornhole game but instead of throwing bean bags the players tossed skate wheels. Winners got t-shirts, wrist bands, X Balm and high fives.

As ARF continues to grow its list of contacts we are really pleased to be working with Oasis Sports Medical Group and Dr. Chao out of San Diego. Their staff has been great with helping us navigate through expensive surgeries and rehabilitation for our community of professionals. CTI is also getting on the plan and we can't thank these guys enough. It's wild to find out that just the screws used in ACL repair are normally sold at $700!

As the summer season is about ready to get in full swing it's the perfect time for companies to get involved with ARF. With the endemic media attention to the contest season and the major media attention that comes with the Dew Tour and X Games, let's give them something to talk about! Show your support for the industry that supports you and make a tax deductible donation to the only 501(c)3 dedicated to helping professionals who suffer major injuries in BMX, FMX and Skate. If you are a company who is based in action sports ask yourself... what is keeping you from participating? For those companies who have participated in the past we thank you and we respectfully remind you to continue your support. Contact me at [email protected] to find out how you can help.

See you on the road this summer!

Aaron Cooke - Athlete Recovery Fund - Executive Director

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