Greg Hartman injury update May 31 2011

A message from Carly Hartman:

"Just four short days ago I arrived home from Shanghai, finally bringing Greg home after his 3 week hospital stay. I have to admit, it still feels fairly surreal. Given the fact that he went straight from an ICU hospital room to a 17 hour trip home, Greg traveled extremely well and tolerated the flight much better than I would have thought. Thanks to Athlete Recovery Fund, my dad was able to come to China, and the three of us were able to travel home together.

Despite the severity of Greg�s injuries, he is recovering miraculously well. Every day brings new improvement as far as his brain injury is concerned. He still has a tough road ahead filled with physical, occupational, and speech therapy, but I�m certain he will continue to improve by leaps and bounds. His biggest concern at present is advancing to walking on his freshly repaired femur, as well as rehabilitating the numbness he�s feeling in his right arm and hand. He now knows that he was severely injured, and he is embracing the fact that inpatient rehab is important for his recovery. Tomorrow we are planning on taking Greg to Baltimore, where he will stay at an inpatient facility until he is able to walk and go about daily activities without assistance. It�s been nice to have him at home the last few days, though, and we are ready to embark on the next part of our journey. Getting home from Shanghai was a huge relief and accomplishment, and I�m so happy that part is behind us. Everyone treated Greg extremely well there, although everything was complicated by the communication barrier and difference of culture.

So many people have offered their assistance, encouragement, and prayer through this time. We have endless people to thank for their help in various ways, and Aaron of Athlete Recovery Fund is one of those individuals. Aaron reached out to me in 2008 after Greg�s crash at the Dew Tour in Cleveland, and was of great assistance then. Our recent crisis brought us together again, and Aaron was in contact with me within hours of learning of Greg�s accident. A means of donating to Greg�s recovery was set in place instantly on the ARF website ( ), and Aaron offered his assistance in any way we needed it. As soon as we were cleared to leave China, he worked diligently along with ESPN to make our travel arrangements, which was a tremendous effort and I will forever appreciate it. Simply put, Athlete Recovery Fund is an amazing organization that truly cares about the health, well-being, and recovery of injured action sports athletes. It has been a blessing to know that they are there to help during such trying times, and I am truly grateful. Thanks again, ARF. I look forward to keeping you informed with positive updates about Greg�s road to recovery!"

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